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Arome is bringing new approaches in analytical and computational mass spectrometry to the commercial space.  We are a team of dedicated chemists, data analyst and software engineers working to gain new knowledge using the mass spectrometry platforms. Our goal is to enable our clients to leverage the tools and approaches developed over many decades of innovation in drug and natural product development.

Arome is leveraging cutting edge methodologies in mass spectrometry data processing, analysis and interpretation to dramatically lower the cost while increasing the throughput, so clients can get better data at lower cost and reach their goals faster. We are democratizing mass spectrometry and pushing the limits of what can be seen in a sample.  We have made mass spectrometry-based metabolomics affordable for smaller labs and business.  The more data our clients bring, the more information we can extract.

About us

Arome was founded by two chemists with the goal to democratize mass spectrometry and make it accessible to anyone, both in terms of price and the ease of getting and understanding the results.

Mass spectrometry is difficult and complex, but it is also tremendously powerful and can provide amazing insight into the molecular world.

Similarly, how the field of genomics underwent a revolution that made DNA sequencing easily accessible to anyone at low cost, mass spectrometry is currently undergoing similar transition.

At Arome our mission is to bring the power of mass spectrometry to a wide circle of users, rather than few selected academic institutions or large companies it is currently confined to. We help startups and established businesses to advance in their field of research & development by providing actionable insights and answers to their research questions.

We provide all the necessary expertise, knowledge, platforms and protocols to drive our clients’ R&D forward and to advance their products and services.

Our unique advantage is flexibility – the ability to tailor cutting edge scientific tools to answer specific research questions rather than applying a “one fits all” approach. We have developed protocols for sample collection, data acquisition, data analysis, results visualization and interpretation. We provide services from consulting in study designs to results interpretations in metabolomics, but also in connection with metagenomics and gene sequencing experiments.

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Alexey MelnikAlexander A. Aksenov | Aleksandr Smirnov

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