Mass Spectrometry / Metabolomics analysis

Alexey V. Melnik, CEO

Developing metabolomics-based analytical tools and techniques to better understand complex microbial communities and its role in human health.

Alexander A. Aksenov, CSO

Conducting research in bioanalytical chemistry and exploration of molecular distributions in biological systems

Granger Vinall II, CFO

Financial modeling and charting the course of technology transfer to identify new markets and support company growth

Evguenia Kopylova, Integrative data-analysis lead

Developing diagnostic analytics and predictive modeling using microbiome-metabolome data.

Silverio (Sal) Iacono,
Commercial and Scientific Advisor

Sal has >30 years' experience developing/commercializing leading technologies in genomics and metabolomics fields

Aleksandr Smirnov
Computational development lead

Developing software tools for processing raw untargeted Mass Spectrometry data