Mass Spectrometry / Metabolomics analysis


We help biotech companies both startups and established businesses to advance in their field of research & development
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Mass Spectrometry
Metabolomics analysis

We will explore the analysis results and then explain what they mean in a way that would make sense to non-experts.

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R&D consulting

We work with any size businesses, including start-up companies, to provide chemical analysis targeted to client’s needs.

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Data Interpretation

We provide consumer-friendly chemical analysis of personal samples. We perform the analysis, all the way from the sample to the results.


Our Laboratories

Our global laboratories can provide diagnostics solutions for clinical trials across America, Europe and Asia.


List of Services

9dok services can quickly deliver the information you and your doctor need for your most important health decisions.



With specialist research groups research at 9dok focuses on structural biology and molecular cell biology.

Our Big Goal

Our goal is to democratize complex and research-heavy molecular analysis using mass spectrometry. We strive to increase the value of the worlds’ analytical data. We cultivate long-term relationships with our clients by providing all the expertise, tools and services to allow them to be at the forefront of mass spectrometry-based metabolomic analysis.

Affordable diagnostics on the latest equipment

We have multiple mass spectrometry platforms which allows us to develop specialized workflows and find solutions to technical problems and experimental challenges.  Let us take care of the heavy mass spec lifting to let you focus on putting your data to work.

Arome is ready to work with you to solve your research and development challenges.  Book a consultation below and speak with one of our scientist 



Affordable Diagnostics

We bridge the gap between the client and the knowledge you are after. We can advise on the best strategies to detect the molecules you are interested in, and how to best answer questions that you have using mass spectrometry analysis. Whether you are interested in flavor profile of your product, or learn whether there are harmful contaminants, we can help you do it!


Mass spectrometry

We provide highest research grade mass spectrometry analysis at our facilities. The techniques such as liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) allow for the detection of wide range of molecules. We can also assist in genomics, “multi-omics” analysis and data mining


Molecules involved into biological processes may provide important clues, such as reveal health information or evidence of microbial activity. We use proprietary untargeted and semi-targeted metabolomics workflows to explore these chemical “fingerprints”.

Getting the most out of the data

Our extensive experience in mass spectrometry data analysis allows us to tackle most analytical or biological challenges. We leverage cutting edge scientific tools developed in recent years to most efficiently extract knowledge from the data, from pulling spectral information from the noise, to extrapolate chemical information for unknown molecules from other molecules present in the sample. Bring a top tier research expertise onto your team without paying the overhead.

Strategic consulting

We help your team integrate targeted, untargeted and semi-targeted approaches into your processes in order to maximize the value of your experiments. From experimental design to data acquisition, processing and interpretation – we do it all together with your team. We don’t just do analysis; we make sure it resolves the posed challenges in most effective way.

Flexible and Affordable

We use streamlined sample preparation, data acquisition and handling approaches to reduce cost. We can adapt these protocols to client’s needs.

Diverse Client portfolio

We have extensive experience working with bio-tech companies, ranging from start-ups to fortune 500 corporations.

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We help biotech companies both startups and established businesses to advance in their field of research & development.